1. I’ll Open the Window by Anna Swirszczynska

    Our embrace lasted too long.
    We loved right down to the bone. 
    I hear the bones grind, I see 
    our two skeletons.

    Now I am waiting
    till you leave, till
    the clatter of your shoes
    is heard no more. Now, silence.

    Tonight I am going to sleep alone 
    on the bedclothes of purity.
    is the first hygienic measure. 
    will enlarge the walls of the room, 
    I will open the window
    and the large, frosty air will enter, 
    healthy as tragedy.
    Human thoughts will enter
    and human concerns,
    misfortune of others, saintliness of others. 
    They will converse softly and sternly.

    Do not come anymore. 
    I am an animal 
    very rarely. 

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